ALLE FARBEN feat. KIDDO - Alright

Mikes Hit-Tipp

After announcing his signing with Warner Music Germany recently, Alle Farben wastes no time and releases his first single “Alright” on the new label home. Teaming up with Swedish singer-songwriter KIDDO, the Berlin superstar DJ and producer delivers an uplifting song about coming to terms with the repercussions of a breakup. We’ve all been there: sometimes what was a big love turns into a big heartbreak. We thought we were meant to be together forever, but suddenly the dream is over. “Wake me up say it’s a dream / Everything’s better together / Guess we were never meant to be,” KIDDO has to admit. Riding high on Alle Farben’s majestic production, she slowly finds back to her old self. They say acceptance is the first step, and that’s exactly what this song is all about: accepting that it’s over, that it’ll hurt for a while – but in the end, we’ll be alright: “It’s gonna burn me for a while, but i’ll be fine / I might get wasted coz I’m lonely deep inside / I’m gonna miss you and it’s gonna make me cry / But in time / I’ll be alright.” “It was wonderful to work with Kiddo, she has an extraordinary voice. I just love working with people who have such a great voice,” Alle Farben shares. “I was in love with the voice the moment I first heard it. She brought her musical influence to the song and I think it works just beautifully with my signature sound.” Elaborating on his upcoming studio efforts, he says: “Musically, I stayed true to my roots somewhat, but there’s less organic sounds. You can still hear the trumpet, it's still danceable, electronic and I still very much want to bring a summer feeling into your heart. And I always make sure to feature unique voices, which is a crucial component of my sound and my music.” Following a string of international hits, Alle Farben is now ready to start the next chapter of his groundbreaking career with “Alright (feat. KIDDO)".